Why MessageSender?

MessageSender is an easy to use email marketing tool which allows you to produce high impact emails and track the results of opens and click through rates. See what subjects lines are effective, which links are performing well and gain an insight into what can be done to improve your email marketing.

Why MessageSender?

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MessageSender Process

Step 1
Upload your contacts from your CMS
Step 2
Manage and edit your contacts into groups and mailing lists.
Step 3
Upload your HTML email design or chose from one of the many preset templates available.
Step 4
Create email copy and input it easily into the content boxes in the template along with image. Then preview both HTML and Text versions
Step 5
Select multiple groups and mailing lists for your email to be sent to.
Step 6
Track engagement with statistics on bounces and who opened and clicked on the links.

Key Features

  • Send campaign attachments
  • Quick and Easy recipient database upload
  • Recipient and Group management within the system
  • Email Templates with content editing features
  • Upload your own HTML email designs
  • Send emails to multiple groups
  • Extensive Open and Click analytics to track results
  • Double Opt in subscribe
  • Branded "Subscriptions" and "Send to friend" management
  • Flexible pricing based on number of emails sent
  • Secure hosted solution
  • Telephone support and service support with news release optimisation, video distribution, customised branding

Take the tour

Choose from the videos below to see how simple MessageSender is to use. Guided by a social media expert you will learn how to add contacts, create branded email campaigns and track open and click through rates.

Find out more

For more information on MessageSender email info@ackura.com or telephone Jon Keefe on +44 161 429 1497 to arrange an online demo.

Find Out More

Alternatively, download the MessageSender brochure.

MessageSender - What is it?

Welcome to the MessageSender Blog. Here we will bring you news of new and upcoming features, as well as providing a resource for hints and tips on how to make the most of your email marketing campaigns.

Key Features of MessageSender

Ackura MessageSender is a powerful yet easy to use Email Marketing web tool. It allows people with a non-technical background, such as marketing and operational personnel the ability to manage successful email marketing campaigns.
Creating, editing and sending your emails will become a breeze. MessageSender also has all the reporting tools you need to be able [...]