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Content Management with Ackura SiteManager

Many small businesses still rely on their web design agency, IT department or a freelancer to update their websites. A consequence of this is that the site becomes honed to perfection and remains completely static.
What happens then, if there is a crisis such as the company recieving some bad publicity?
What do they do if they [...]

MessageSender - What is it?

Welcome to the MessageSender Blog. Here we will bring you news of new and upcoming features, as well as providing a resource for hints and tips on how to make the most of your email marketing campaigns.

Key Features of MessageSender

Ackura MessageSender is a powerful yet easy to use Email Marketing web tool. It allows people with a non-technical background, such as marketing and operational personnel the ability to manage successful email marketing campaigns.
Creating, editing and sending your emails will become a breeze. MessageSender also has all the reporting tools you need to be able [...]

Improved Analytics for News Releases

This week we have added an update to the Release Tracking screen. We have integrated web analytics data from Google Analytics and added it to the data which we were already capturing.
The Tracking page for each release now contains a tabbed area allowing you to view two charts; one which shows the cumulative engagement level [...]

Blog Runner - what is it?

Technorati estimates that there are some 133 million blogs in existence. Coupled with the news that almost 73% of all web users claim to have read a blog and you have a powerful tool to get closer to your customers. But with so much to think about, where do you start?
Blog runner is a way [...]

Blogs & Social Networks

There are currently 120 million weblogs, and this number is growing exponentially.
Every day there are approximately 120,000 new weblogs or roughly 1.4 new blogs every second. With blogs receiving 1.5 million posts per day, the equivalent of 17 posts per second, blogging is undisputedly the fastest and most popular method of creating discussions or commentary [...]

Buzz Monitor - what is it?

One of the biggest mistakes when embarking on any social media activity is not understanding four key things:
1) Where our audience is.
2) What the audience is talking about (between themselves and about you or your competitors).
3) What the sentiment of those comments are
4) Who the influential people are in the audience.
Buzz Monitor is a sophisticated [...]

YouTube integration coming soon

Today we pushed our latest update onto the staging server for testing. This latest update adds a simple method for adding YouTube videos to the news releases created with PressRoom.
Clicking on the “Add Video button on the videos page, opens the new YouTube browser/search dialog.

PressRoom now uses Twitter

The primary aim of PressRoom is to give exposure to online news releases on the most popular and relevant platforms available. In following this aim, we have just finished integrating Twitter.
The PressRoom implementation of Twitter is currently very simple, Each PressRoom can have one Twitter account associated with it, each time a News Release is [...]