Buzz Monitor - what is it?

One of the biggest mistakes when embarking on any social media activity is not understanding four key things:

1) Where our audience is.
2) What the audience is talking about (between themselves and about you or your competitors).
3) What the sentiment of those comments are
4) Who the influential people are in the audience.

Buzz Monitor is a sophisticated set of monitoring tools which allows us to find the answers to all of the above. Not only that, but we can also track the changing conversations too so we remain as up to date as our customers on the issues that matter.

So let’s look at Buzz Monitor in a little more detail:

1) WHERE the audiences is
In understanding where our online audience is talking, we can better direct our marketing efforts (and budgets) to those places. There would be little point in putting our online spend into a channel that is hosting very few, if any, conversations of relevance. What’s the point in that? Buzz Monitor tells us where our customers are talking so we can join in.

2) WHAT the audience is talking about
The marketing message we want to give out may in fact be totally different to the topics of conversations our customers are having. Buzz Monitor tells us what these main topics are, allowing us to tailor our messages appropriately. After all, we don’t want to talk OVER our customers. Where Buzz Monitor is also incredibly useful is in finding what the fastest growing topics of conversation are. This might allow us to sneak a lead on a competitor or jump on a PR problem before it becomes a BIG PR problem.

3) Comment Sentiment
One of Buzz Monitor’s most useful features is its ability to measure the sentiment of all the comments it finds too. When you have to monitor several thousand comments or articles, it is a long and arduous task of understanding whether each comment is good or bad. Buzz Monitor does this automatically, and rates the comment on a scale. We can then track this sentiment and understand how well or poorly ourt activity is being received and give us the chance to make changes to address dropping sentiment.

4) Influencers

If we want our messages to reach a truly global audience, we need to use the influence of the people who shape the opinions of many, many others. Buzz Monitor’s Influencer analysis tells us who are the people that matter in our chosen industry or sector and what kind of site they are (forums, blog, website or wiki for example). This allows us to begin the process of getting to know these people within these locations with the right tools to ensure that when we do eventually deliver a message, we have the ears of the people who can truly affect change.

Do give us a call to find out how this kind of monitoring can have a positive impact upon your business.

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